L'Appel du vide _ Audio | Visual project

“L’appel du vide” translates into “the call of a void” and it refers to an intellectual thought of destructive attitude in everyday life: a desire to drive your car into an opposite line or to jump off from your kitchen window on a 10th floor...

“L’appel du vide” is an audio-visual film project that is built on a music of dreamy escapism created by Niilo Leppik. The scenery of the film takes its’ inspiration from the surrounding grounds of Materia Prima Art Residency: centuries old traditions that keep echoing back, the infinite wineyards on a summer burnt landscape, smoky mountains on the horizon. The film is driven by an idea of desirable destructivism captured in still landscapes and a lonely figure dancing in patterns. Movement that embodies counterweight, eteralism, collective dreaming and the sudden end of it will expose a dark matter in human, a kind of “L’appel du vide” that gives you a desire to jump into a fast flowing river or run into a burning house.