Art In Residence

 The Art In Residence

The wine estate becomes a space for creativity. Ready to welcome cultural ideas and innovative though in a philosophy of return to nature, to the earth. A hug that combines new and old values. A source of inspiration for artists who want to breathe the charm.


The path to a successful art career can be a twisting one, but one commonly traveled route is the artist residency. Our MATERIA PRIMA emerging’s artist residential project is partially founded and without fees and offer a permanence in one of the most renowned art region: Tuscany.

who: Local and International emerging to established artists in all areas of visual arts

WHEN: Visiting residency 1 or 2 weeks

WHERE: Ceppaiano Estate- Crespina (PISA) Tuscany

The MATERIA PRIMA project has been in existence since 2012 and has a mission to provoke public dialogue through classic and contemporary ART establishing a connection with nature and local traditions. 
The visiting Artist residency hosts 1 (+ 1 guest) emerging to established artists.
 Residents must provide for their food, travel, and miscellaneous expenses.
The hospitality is accommodated by Poggio al Casone Resort in the nearby Ceppaiano Estate and offer a furnished apartment on the estate Villa ground. In addition to the apartment Artists are provided a studio space through the Ceppaiano Estate Villa, as well as logistic assistance and representation on the MATERIA PRIMA Web site.
 No phone or Internet access in the studio and artists must provide their own materials.
 Artists are required to blog and use social media throughout the duration of their residency.

At the end of the residency, artists are also asked to donate an artwork that represents their experience at the Estate and share images of the Ceppaiano Estate and locations they visited. At the end of the residency the artist who took part in the experience agrees to donate to the Ceppaiano Estate: One (or more) artwork among the ones realized during the stay; this will become part of the permanent collection of the foundation MP. Pictures (and possibly a video) of the experience here. The artist is asked to share them with his/her contacts and we may freely use the pictures/videos by publishing them on the website and or on our webpages and social channels. An original artwork created and signed by the artist with the aim to become a label for a special unique bottle (Jeroboam 3 liters) of our wine VIOLETTA. Each bottle will become a unique piece of a collection that we will create over time.