Curated this month

Curated this month.

Denitsa Ilcheva


I saw myself as a painter very early, already at the age of EIGHT years. I spent my summer holidays at my grandparent’s farm. So I took my watercolors all my afternoons and went to the river making landscapes. Also, I hunted butterflies, fascinated by their colors. That was my first «residencies» in the deep Bulgarian countryside. Later, after getting first place at the National Academy of Fines Arts in Sofia, I wanted to leave it immediately. I hated academic training of Painting. I thiked about it like an old fashioned medium. I dreamed of doing multimedia and that was my multi vitamin. So, after making several go backs Paris-Sofia, I was admitted to Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs de Paris. I graduated with an animated film, completely scandalous. The following year, I did a post-diploma, Digital image / Production. It was a great opportunity for me to experiment with 3D Max, After Effects and video. Later, I did performance and writing. My return to painting was a slow process, in contact with other artists. At this moment I had my first studio in Paris.