Philosophical Basis

The philosophical basis of the Materia Prima project.

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. Creativity must change in health and natural food will be the gold of the future. NOTHING IS LOST. Now begins a new path, with more attention to things, a period when the password will be AUTHENTICITY. Thanks to the creativity in this moment we must be able to think differently from the usual. We should slow down. Reduce the quickness. Creativity must change in health. The society must use creativity to produce relaxation. Relax, though it seems paradoxical, will bring to reason out more calmly, more CAREFULLY, with more serenity, and will also help to understand how to escape from a seemingly tragic situation. "As time passes, I am more and more convinced that farmers will be the most important actors of the next world setting. They will decide what to eat or not, they will have our health into their hands, which is (and will be) the most important thing of the near future. They are those to whom we entrust our nutrition, our relaxation, care of our bodies. Food is comfort, friendship, creativity, happiness. Food is very important. It's our petrol. And we need a clean and healthy petrol. We want to know where the fuel which we feed ourselves and our children come from. The quality of life ? The ability of catching the beauty of things!