Keith Haring

Keith Haring & Piergiorgio Castellani

today, more than thirty years later.


“We met quite randomly on a sidewalk in the East Village. I was a young student from Pisa, passionate about art, Keith was at the peak of his career and I recognized him immediately and I approached him, I said goodbye and invited him to do something important in Italy. The next day I was in his studio and we started working on the creation of "Tuttomondo"

(Piergiorgio Castellani, 2012)


“Pisa is incredible. I realize that it is one of my most important public works”.

(Keith Haring, June 19, 1989)


The 1989 in Pisa


In 1989 the Castellani Family invited Keith Haring to Pisa to realize what would become one of his most important, permanent public works, the monumental mural "Tuttomondo". On that occasion, the artist gave the family a wine label he had designed for the house wine of a friend’s restaurant, hoping that one day it could be used for a prestigious wine produced in Tuscany


Today, more than 30 years later, this project finds its realization thanks to a special commemorative cuvee produced by the Castellani family in one of its best vineyards, in the Tenuta di Ceppaiano on the Tuscan coast.


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