Walter Sardi

Walter Sardi



Walter Sardi (1958-2006) was born in Rosignano Solvay in 1958 where he lives and works. In the early eighties he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence in the Painting section. The transition to the sculpture takes place in the early 90s with a gradual transformation from a geometric abstract painting in a three-dimensional geometric abstraction through the use of new materials such as wood, rope and metal. With the use of iron, the structures become fully three-dimensional with the addition of the cloth first, then of materials such as glass, bamboo, soil, paper and various elements of recovery, the transition from painting to sculpture is definitive. The insertion of large bottles of colored glass related to iron structures of large size, often of conical shape, makes the sculpture based with the architecture, giving shape to installations that find their natural place in urban furniture both public and private. For several years in collaboration with the Centre of Art La Pescaiola of Pisa, participates as a sculptor, to the experimental event called the "Rito", multimedia interaction between music, dance and sculpture. Recent work is always focused on the relationship between materials such as iron and glass and on the recovery of the past compared to the present, but with the addition of the luminous element, sculpture takes the form of the design object. No longer a work of art as a piece of furniture in itself, but luminous sculpture with decorative and functional purposes.